David. History, love and meaning: Tango expressed

September 15, 2011

Ever been to a Tango lesson and wandered around the room studying the faces of the dancers as they warm up to each other’s arms?

I have and always wondered what was going on with these folks – were they dating, lovers, married recently or for a long time? Certainly not total strangers – not with that embrace.

Frankly, I couldn’t figure it out until I got a hold of Beatriz Dujovne’s book – In Strangers’ Arms: The Magic of Tango. As much history, personal reflection and academic study, the books moves effortlessly through the labyrinth that this dance is for most of us who seek the solace and comfort of its temples.

It debunks so much of the myths surrounding this dance and builds upon your emotional experience’s substance that you come away from it like have sat with a delicious 8 course meal and fascinating conversational companion.

From its ethic roots to its popular performers, In Strangers’ Arms educates and edifies like no tango book I’ve seen – and I’ve seen quite a few.

Thank you Dr. Dujovne for opening up your tango and the world’s tango to those of us who have wondered and wandered for so long.

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