Dottie Pope, MSW. The authentic tango

September 24, 2011

I don’t tango but I have wanted to start taking lessons after reading “In Stranger’ Arms: The magic of the tango.” The author took me to the heart of the authentic Argentinean tango dance, the beauty of its music and its poetry. I am grateful to her for dispelling all the false images I had of the sexually sado-masochistic tango presented by the media.

The history of the dance from its beginning through its evolution is intriguing. One feels as though one is there as she guides the reader through the streets and dance halls of Buenos Aires.

Through her stories, and those of dancers from around the world, she reveals the power and pull of this dance. I found it fascinating that there is a tango code of ethical behavior that makes the dancer feel safe, safe in a stranger’s arms. It was a revelation to me that because one is safe, it can become a dance of self-discovery, a mirror for the soul, and give one a sense of universal connection.

Through her personal revelations, and those of other dancers one discovers why they are impacted, changed, by this dance, and become impassioned for the experiences.

I envy the tango gypsies of the world, and salute them!

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