Larry R.

November 23, 2011

Within any narrative, there is what is not expressed or revealed.If you have ever danced the Argentinean tango,”In Strangers’ Arms” will invite you to participate and to bring something along.

The long history, the meaning, the people, the places of this dance is informatively alive. For this reader, however, there are awe-moment leaps that happen when the author closely embraces the tango’s lyrical poets and their lyrical poetry that leads one to life’s delicious ambivalence.

There is a sensation of a spiritual-like containment: Buenos Aires within the country; sections within the city; dance halls within the sections; within cab rides to the dance halls; finally, within the arms of a stranger contained within the vast dance hall of humanity.

So, with every historical, intellectual, and emotional aspect of the tango dance presented here, what is it that is not directly expressed, though is inherent between each line of this read? The music. The lovely, wild, unique, magical, transporting music of Argentinean tango. Bring yours along, and embrace Beatriz Dujovne’s narrative milonga.

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