Gregory Joseph Lordi, Fla, USA. The magic of “In Strangers’ Arms”

October 10, 2012

In Strangers Arms is a wonderful book that looks at this amazing universal language of Tango in a different perspective. Beatriz incorporates her love of tango, her culture and her profession to write about tango as not only a dance but a way of life. Her stories and experiences take us deep into the history of how tango is truly not only a dance but a culture shared by people all over the world. The chapters on tango poets and how they evolved the characters in the songs was enlightening and the chapter on Alberto Podesta made me feel like I was there sharing her experience as she talked with this giant of tango.

For anyone who dances tango or who has no idea what tango, reading this book will make you understand that for we tango dancers its our language.. our magic.. our tango.

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