Sara Bernhart, Seal Beach, California

January 19, 2013

A lovely journey

I really loved reading your book! You put into words all the feelings that I experienced while photographing Tango Dancers when I was in Buenos Aires. You expressed the words that I “felt”, but didn’t have, at that time, because of not understanding how different Argentine Tango is compared to other dances.

Reading what other dancers had to say in the book was also quite wonderful because it demonstrated and further explained to me that I wasn’t “imagining” the beauty of what I saw when looking at the dance or what it means to so many.

Can I say, I felt the dance in my heart when I photographed it for the first time, but didn’t have the words for my feelings? Thank you so much for providing words for my thoughts as well as giving me a comprehensive history of Tango!

Thank you for writing such a beautiful book!

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