Steve. Best book on tango

August 12, 2013

I have bought many books about tango dancing. They usually left me disappointed. In Strangers’ Arms is the first book that talks about the tango I have experienced. I will recommend it to my non-dancing friends who do not understand why tango changes people’s lives.

I found the author’s personal style charming. Some chapters read like a novel and others can be visualized like a movie, especially when the action happens in dance halls of Buenos Aires and when the author’s goes through her daily experiences in the city. I like how she connects the ways of the people she encounters with the characteristics of the dance. On a deeper level, the book is about life, not just about a dance.

This is by far the best book on Argentine Tango I have ever red. Even the lyrics of the songs are presented in personal tone. I got to peek behind the scenes into the lives of famous poets and singers. And I got as close as I will ever get to an icon of the golden era whose singing voice delights us at dances. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Highly recommended.

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