M. Degani. “The Skeptic”. Fascinating book about falling in love with tango

October 28, 2012

I purchased the book directly from the author—including her signed, warm personal note addressed to me. Since I am a serious Tango aficionado, I read the book thoroughly, and have savored and enjoyed every paragraph of it. Beatriz’s writing is very loving, romantic, and the book’s style borders on lyrics rather than just prose. It also feels very personal and intimate (she is, of course, an excellent dancer herself—to which I can attest), and that’s, of course, what Tango is all about.

Overall, Beatriz managed to convey the Tango atmosphere, culture, state-of-mind, and experience in a most-beautiful way; I would even say most-magical way. Because, Tango IS magic, and conveying this magic takes a magician! I have read many books about Tango, and this book really left me under the spell.

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