Tango-dance is just the tip of an iceberg

July 10, 2017

Where: 7528 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, San Diego.

This is a first time presentation of one of my collections of Tango photographs.

Knowing what exists under the tip of the iceberg … inside the dance … could make a difference in your dance … it could spark your curiosity about Tango with capital “T,” that is, its places, music, lyrics, institutions, values, icons and much more.

We cannot photograph a culture for it is an abstract construct. I took the photographs to be presented over the past 8 years as I was trying to put in words my observations of Buenos Aires and its people – inside and outside tango halls.

Tango is not part of any culture outside of Buenos Aires.  We will visually understand how Buenos Aires is Tango and how Tango is Buenos Aires. This statement cannot be made about any other city in the world past or present.

I am a porteña with two cultures. In Strangers’ Arms: The Magic of the Tango is a study of my culture of birth, where I also grew up and studied. I will be your guide as we navigate the paradoxical and creative culture of Buenos Aires. Through images, we will navigate the personal traits of its embracing, curious, and connection-loving habitants.

We will see a visual portrait of porteños’ spirits and hearts. We will find their collective spirit and heart inside the veins of tango.

Teachers know learning tango could be challenging for many students and, in some cases, leads beginners to drop out.

Teachers also know that familiarity with the culture of Tango constitutes basic necessary education for all dancers. It can also help students feel more relaxed as they learn. As they learn tango, foreign students are likely to be breaking norms of physical closeness-distance dictated by their own cultures. Perhaps some students would feel more relaxed about enjoying the dance’s sensuality and the surrender required by the embrace.






Presentation San Diego, Ca

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