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Exhibit: Piazzolla and his oevre. Centro Cultural Kirchner

Piazzolla with Osvaldo Pugliese I was pleased to find this exibit conmemorating the 25th anniversary of Piazzolla’s death. Pleased, I said, because during past anniversaries of Read More

Only in Buenos Aires: La señora del baño.

Some years ago I wrote about an unseen, indispensable protagonist of the milonga. Invaluable for women dancers in need of a break from the pista, Read More

Gauchos’ psychology and Tango.

The early play Juan Moreira (1886) was one of the major oevres of teatro gauchesco in 1891. At the Podestá Brothers’ circus it was played in a novel Read More

Exotic building as old as Tango

  I passed by this building with camera in hand. I had been intrigued by its massive structure and terracota ceramics since I was a Read More

Bookstore as Old as Tango

The city’s bookstores come in all sizes and shapes. From the historical Avila bookstore founded in 1875 (initially named Librería del Colegio) to the former Read More

Tango in the movies

Gabriel Soria, vicepresident of the National Academy of Tango presents a collection of scenes from old Argentine films. The editing was mostly centered around musicians Read More

Mayoral and Elsa Maria

In 2014, two years after the publication of “In Strangers’ Arms,” I turned my gaze to tango therapy. Immersion in this field was a natural Read More

My evening with Osvaldo and Coca

Two dancers we can  easily find in the milongas of Buenos Aires today. Thank you Osvaldo for the initiative of posing with me when I Read More

Street dancer, Recoleta

Porteñita dancing her first tango with street dancer in Recoleta.

Ushuaia: There is tango at the end of the world

During my visit to Ushuaia I was pleasantly surprised by posters announcing tango instruction and milongas.

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