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Malik Watkins, Amazon review

To be read over… and over… and over… Currently, on my third reading…many terms can be used to describe Tango; and, this book provides the Read More

Amazon customer, Amazon review

Constant companion, therapy, life… Tango soul… The past year has been a year of evolution and change for me and along the way I found Read More

Elaine Newton-Bruzza, University of Edinburgh

Tango. The real tango. What is it? Is it the spectacularly acrobatic movements seen in a stage show, is it a parody of patriarchal gender Read More

Matthew J. Brockwell, Oakland, Ca.

One of the best books on tango.”This dance begins as our lives begin: by embracing and trusting a stranger.” Tango is not an easy subject Read More

Alex Krebs, back cover endorsement from teacher and musician, Portland, Or

This book starts off dispelling the myths surrounding the dance, probes and discovers what tango is when sensationalism is stripped away. I like how conclusions Read More

Eric Van Young PhD, book back cover endorsement from distinguished Professor of History specialized in Latin American History, University of California, San Diego

Argentine-born clinical psychologist and tango aficionada Beatriz Dujovne has written a charming and perceptive book about the iconic Argentine dance, one of the great popular Read More

Sergio Pujol, book back cover endorsement from author and researcher. Universidad de La Plata, Consejo de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Buenos Aires

Through the manners, gestures, and silences of the tango, the music of her childhood, the Argentine author Beatriz Dujovne recovers her own “lost time.” Sensitive and profound, Read More

Alfredo Minetti PhD, cultural anthropologist, professor at the International Studies Program at Indiana University, Bloomington

After reading the book in one sitting I was completely taken by Dujovne´s approach to this cultural phenomenon and decided to make it a requirement Read More

Jon Sauceda, M.M., M.L.S.

Engaging and Educational. A combination of social history, cultural study, and memoir, I have read few books that are able to unite these disparate strands Read More

Susan, Portland, OR

In Strangers’ Arms is a great read not only for tango enthusiasts but for anyone who is interested in learning about the underlying culture and Read More

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