Juliette St James, Vancouver, WA.

November 29, 2012

It is difficult sometimes to express what one feels so strongly that words seem inadequate, yet I’ll try. Discovering tango has both changed and enriched my life in ways I never would have imagined. At least until I read your book. Then I knew that I was not alone in this experience.  Some may think tango has become an obsession for me, but I’m not alone in this and I can think of no other obsession which could teach me so much.

Tango has taught me more about being in the moment than years of studying about how to do so and years of meditating.  My meditation experience has deepened; my relationships have reached a new level of balance; my emotions have found a healthy way of being expressed; my sense of being connected to others and community is fuller.

In many ways I’ve felt I didn’t fit comfortably into my own culture. In your book you described with such detail and clairty so much about what defines the culture of Buenos Aires: the exchange of playfulness in words between people – waiters and customers, friends, cab drivers; the physical warmth between people of greeting each other with hugs and/or a kiss; reaching over to touch someone’s arm while talking; being present in each moment to fully enjoy that time, that person, rather than rushing on to the next thing. I felt like I was reading about a place I’d always known, but hadn’t yet found. Since reading your book, each time I dance tango it’s like experiencing a little bit of Buenos Aires.

After I read your book I told a friend of mine, who is originally from Buenos Aires, that he ought to read this wonderful book. He bought a copy and read it as well. We each deeply felt that your book has enriched the tango experience for us both, although for very different reasons.

I’m sending you this email to both let you know how very deeply your book has touched me and to also order a signed copy of it.

Thank you – and most importantly — thank you for writing this wonderful book, which is a magical as tango itself.

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