Pablo Sartirana In strangers’ ??? arms

December 14, 2012

My name is Paul, in reality is Pablo.

You might be asking yourself what is the meaning of the question marks after Strangers’ in the title. Well after reading your book, I found out to have so many things in common with parts of your life, that without even having met you, it feels like I knew you for a long time.

Born in Buenos Aires, Los Pérez García, El Glostora Tango Club, the imposed unavoidable 20:25 message. (I am totally sure that we were connected for years, at the same time, at least through the Radio Waves)

Listening Tango music every day from the cradle, but dancing Rock and Roll and to the soft blues, when a teenager.

Your book brings to me so many memories. Walking from the University to the Recova in Once, where in the Confiteria/Bar el Ombu, I used to stop with other fellow students to listen among others, to Jorge Vidal and Julio Sosa cantar Tangos, out of the small stage with a an orquesta tipica.

My conclusion is that Tango, is like a virus, once it gets into you, it might be dormant for a long time, but eventually will re flourish, and you will have no choice, but to get into it and start to live all the passion that that entails…………..and that is how I recently started my Journey in Tango Dancing.

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