Documentary: Podestá-Godoy. Cabaret Marabú. Buenos Aires.

October 23, 2015

On 10-22-15 The Argentine Tango Society premiered a documentary featuring the two oldest singers alive from the Golden Era: Alberto Podestá and Juan Carlos Godoy.* Young and simpático Roberto Decarre, singer of the orquesta Color Tango, conducted the interviews and moved the scenes of the film along.


Podestá, comfortable telling his story, never dreamed that the entire world would be listening to him sing today, neither when his career started at age 16 nor during the glorious days of tango. Mischievous Godoy had us laughing as he showed his wild side through numerous anecdotes about his horse-races-centered life.

We shared an evening celebration with food and wine at the former Marabú cabaret where Aníbal Troilo made his debut on July 1, 1937. Godoy was present. The only sad note of the evening was the absence of Podestá who could not attend due to health reasons.

* Film: “Podestá – Godoy Cantores”

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