Texts: Jorge Luis Borges. Song: Jairo. Buenos Aires.

June 20, 2016

Last night’s show was part of the celebrations honoring Jorge Luis Borges’ anniversary in Buenos Aires. Add the “presence” of icons such as Jairo and you have an exquisitely Buenos Aires and wonderful show.

This show was inspired by the 1977 CD Jairo made in Spain in collaboration with J. L. Borges and musicians of the highest caliber: Astor Piazzolla, Julián Plaza, Facundo Cabral, Horacio Malvicino, Julián Plaza, Carlos Guastavino, Alberto Cortez, Daniel Piazzola, Rodolfo Mederos …

The orchestra Universidad de Buenos Aires had as guests: pianist Diego Schissi and guitarrist by Jorge Giuliano.
Setting: Magnificent Cultural Center Kirshner built inside part of the former Central Post Office of the city of Buenos Aires.


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