Bioeugenics. A wonderful journey through tango evolution, history and connection

December 16, 2011

What a wonderful read! As someone who dances tango, I could relate so much to the experiences that the author shares. The book is masterfully written from both historical, cultural, as well as psychological standpoints. Seasoned dancers, beginners, as well as people who are curious about tango culture and history will be pampered with rich imagery, references and experiences inside the tango embrace, the music and the lyrics.

While reading this book, I was amazed by how masterfully the author managed to put into words all the emotions and feeling that we tangueros feel when dancing. This book combines the rich history, music and actual personal accounts of tango, of why we dance it, why tango has this magical pull on us, and those who came before us, and generations that will dance it after us. From reading the book, it becomes clear why Tango is ageless, why it transcends time, space, and individuals, why it is so universal. Thank you for being able to express in words all these complex and magical experiences. This book is a wonderful personal account of the tango journey, of its roots and the people who keep it alive.

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