Sergio Pujol, book back cover endorsement from author and researcher. Universidad de La Plata, Consejo de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), Buenos Aires

July 15, 2015

Through the manners, gestures, and silences of the tango, the music of her childhood, the Argentine author Beatriz Dujovne recovers her own “lost time.” Sensitive and profound, Beatriz’s journey through the tango experience becomes a revelation of the dance’s importance on the edge of postmodern life; of its non-verbal forms of communication in a world that is extremely verbalized and above all, of the persistence of a tradition, the Argentine tango, at the opening of the 21st Century. Unique among tangos published outside of Argentina, In Strangers’ Arms is a work that brings us face to face with an intimate tango, one as far removed from the big stages as it is from the stereotype of the Latin male.

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