Diego Schissi Quintet performs at “Grandes Conciertos de Tango” and “Final World Championship of Orquestas.”

February 17, 2017

Diego Schissi Quinteto
Buenos Aires. Centro Cultural Kirchner

Even tough Schizzi is master teacher at tango teaching events at home and abroad, I knew not to expect “recognizable Tangos” from his orquesta.

Schissi has been described as: “Pianist and composer Diego Schissi creates original music grounded in Argentine tango but extends far beyond it. Schissi takes tango as an inspirational point of departure while freely adopting and discarding many of its traditional elements. The result is a unique form of music that bursts with the energy of tango while continuously exploring new avenues of expression.”

Outside view Sala Sinfónica

Diego Schissi


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