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March 26, 2017
Constant companion, therapy, life… Tango soul…
The past year has been a year of evolution and change for me and along the way I found tango but I don’t think I truly found Tango until I found this book…. As a Tango neophyte, Beatriz’s book has quickly become my touchstone, a constant companion to read and re-read, and reference in moments of struggle. She conveys the beauty and soul of Tango through her conversational style, openness tempered with honor and respect for the true history and a for all aspects of Tango. Via approachable language and gentleness of the storytelling, it feels like coming home…. Warm, intimate, protective, caring, deep, elegant, diverse, and strong…. Through this book she captures and conveys Tango as the experience that captured my heart.

There are plenty of books that discuss components of tango, however for my experience and understanding this book is the only one that provided the holistic perspective of Tango. Through her discussion of the history, music, relationship between people and the music and shared movement, and stories from a range of dancers, musicians, and tanguero/as – Beatriz captures and delves deeply into what it is that drew me to Tango, why it is worth spending the years to truly grow into and experience the extreme beauty, warmth, connection and comfort that can come from Tango. It’s my touchstone to remind me to enjoy the journey, to take it slow and let my experience and personal Tango grow, and to revel in the home that can be created in a moment wrapped up in the history, emotion, music, and connection.

If you are going to read any Tango book – make it this one….

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