Exhibit: Piazzolla and his oevre. Centro Cultural Kirchner

March 12, 2017

Piazzolla with Osvaldo Pugliese

I was pleased to find this exibit conmemorating the 25th anniversary of Piazzolla’s death. Pleased, I said, because during past anniversaries of our revolutionary musician’s birth and death I could not find traces of celebration in this city. They were none. No one even answered the telephone or returned my call when I called the Piazzolla Foundation to find out if there were any events. To my chagrin I only found conmemorative events in various Italian cities. This exhibit may mark the beginning of a new attitude.

Just after crossing the door I read the chronogram of the Astor Piazzolla’s career. He is introduced as the “revolutionary of tango.”

Objects and books on display are referents of the most important moments of his vast musical trajectory. As it is the case at exhibits of tango personalities, this one also displays pieces of his attire: The smoking he wore for his appearance in Teatro Colón during June 1983, a harmonica given to him at age 8 by his father “Nonino,” and a few other favorite items of clothing. A note tells us he preferred to wear certain items over and over again.

A collection of original sheet music is available for the visitor’s inspection. I found nostalgic to be so close to Adios Nonino and Fuga y Misterio.

Smoking used for his presentation at Teatro Colón

Harmonica was his favorite instrument since age 8

Piazzolla’s bandoneón


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