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Texts: Jorge Luis Borges. Song: Jairo. Buenos Aires.

Last night’s show was part of the celebrations honoring Jorge Luis Borges’ anniversary in Buenos Aires. Add the “presence” of icons such as Jairo and you Read More

I went to the movies: Our Last Tango (Un Tango Más)

It is remarkable how, despite the love-hatred relationship between María and Juan Carlos, they continued to be partners in life and in tango. They met Read More

Edipo y Yocasta, un grito en la inmensidad. Buenos Aires.

I did not mind when the discussion I wanted to attend at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación on Avenida Corrientes got cancelled. I knew Read More

Documentary: Podestá-Godoy. Cabaret Marabú. Buenos Aires.

On 10-22-15 The Argentine Tango Society premiered a documentary featuring the two oldest singers alive from the Golden Era: Alberto Podestá and Juan Carlos Godoy.* Read More

Treasure in Barrio Parque Patricios. Casa: La Sonrisa de Gardel.

What goes on at Buenos Aires milongas would not exist today without the neighborhood cultures that gave birth to it all. We can feel the ghosts Read More

University of the Arts. Congreso Latinoamericano de Folklore. Buenos Aires.

October 6, 2015 Universidad Nacional de las Artes. Today I attended the opening ceremony of the CONGRESO LATINOAMERICANO DE FOLKLORE at the National University of Read More

Meats, fruits, vegetables and book stands. Commercial anomaly?

It always amazes me what people read in this city. The chosen location of some bookstores amazes me as well. Consider this seeming anomaly: bookstore Read More

On the Appeal of Basic Tango Steps and Psychology for Personal Growth

  Backed up by psychological theory, Psico-Tango is a methodology that uses the basic steps of tango dance and music. It proposes activities that promote Read More

Martín Alvarado: The new voice of tango

Before undertaking his thirty-second international solo tour in various cities of Rusia, Finland and Spain, Martín Alvarado was invited to do a presentation at the Read More

Seminar: Culture and Society

September 10, 2015 I like to take advantage of Buenos Aires’ innumerable intellectual offerings. Signs all over the city announce tempting seminars for people with Read More

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