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Art exhibit turns your world upside down

The Palais de Glace did it again! In a previous postcard I shared an exhilarating fiber exhibit at this museum. Today I am sharing the visit to another Read More

Globalized Buenos Aires. Oh… No…

This is an audio postcard; I tell the story of delay, waiting and walking around, while reflecting on Buenos Aires as I prepare my departure. Read More


End of the saga? Now that Kirchner accepts the pope, Argentines feel more free to celebrate his election. In a few days this block long banner Read More


I see more Vatican and Argentine flags hanging from balconies. People are proud of the humanity of this pope and his life long career of Read More

The government warms up to the realities of the elected Argentine Pope

As days went by, the initial gelid response warmed up as the presidenta prepared for her departure to Rome. She wanted to be the first Read More

The new pope. Euphoria in Buenos Aires?

Friends from the states imagine an euphoric celebration in Buenos Aires. These are two emails I received: From Susan: “Looks like BA won’t be sleeping Read More

Milonga: A dancer who can hardly walk

I am sitting elbow-to-elbow at an all female rectangular table. I feel the eyes of an “elderly-elderly” man in his 90s fixed on my neck. Read More

Galan’s electronic nod continues:

Initial sounds: Yum…Ba – Yum…Ba – Energetic Pugliese’s “La Yumba” sends vibes across the room. It never fails. I receive a real life “nod” from Read More

A different type of cabeceo

The “nod” works only in Buenos Aires. In this city man and woman seal dance agreements though invisible telegrams (nods) – sent from across dance Read More

A forty minutes lyrical walk

                  … Salís de tu casa, por Arenales … I leave, not my house but the gym, going Read More

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