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Tango is everywhere in Buenos Aires. Inescapable so.

A glowing fountain waits for me to be discovered as I walk along Rodriguez Peña. It is hidden by the unusual intersection where Juncal elbows. Read More

Soledad Villamil, the singer who has it all. Live concert at Torcuato Tasso

Last night the svelte and beautiful Soledad Villamil gave an impeccable performance with stage presence, acting skills, charm, humor, interaction with the audience and magnificent delivery. Read More

Porteñitos Tango early in life

This photograph, taken at a street milonga in Avenida de Mayo, shows how a little proteña is soaking tango in her parent’s arms. Likewise, the Read More

My tango mind in Buenos Aires

I go back to the Palais de Glace to enjoy the fiber exhibit that had caught my eye last week. My tango mind engages my always cooperative Read More

Christmas is picture taking day for me

I go to Recoleta cemetery.  Today I am inspired with the deceiving  inside and outside of my photos. This cemetery plays tricks on my mind, Read More

A different Christmas season in Buenos Aires

Christmas is the only day the city of Buenos Aires sleeps. Only this holiday has the power to shut Buenos Aires’ ebullient personality. This anomaly begins on December 24th. The city’s Read More

“El Último Aplauso,” a tango movie

This Argentine-German coproduction (2009) tells the story of bar “El Chino” in barrio Pompeya. Neighbors and local amateur singers gather at the bar on weekends. El Chino, Read More

“Gricel,” a tango movie

After setting foot in Buenos Aires, I rushed to see “Gricel,” the movie named after the popular tango lyrics. Story: A singer, Manuel, aspires to Read More

My favorite definition of tango

I heard best definition of tango from a taxi driver just today: Tango is what happens to us everyday. It is what happens to people in life. Foreigners Read More

My attachement to professional waiters in Buenos Aires (What does this have to do with tango?)

I was not aware of my inner relief when, upon entering a familiar venue, I found a certain professional waiter year after year. Until something Read More

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