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Elaine Gerbert, Lawrence, Ks

I almost finished reading Beatriz’ book. Some sections were so moving that I cried. The book is beautifully written, with passion and love. Now that Read More

Irina Ana, San José, California

I am a tango dancer and I found the book interesting, educating and pleasant to read. Besides having lots of interesting factual material, the book Read More

Norberto Spangaro “Norton”. Florida, USA. A book from the heart

This book gets into the heart of the tango. A music that was created with the soul of immigrants and as the author states, we Read More

Randall Cran. A journey into a unique world

A tender and profound journey inside the world of tango and into the heart of the author in order to answer one central question: what Read More

Steve. Best book on tango

I have bought many books about tango dancing. They usually left me disappointed. In Strangers’ Arms is the first book that talks about the tango Read More

Judith Stacy PhD, author and Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and Sociology at New York University

World tango ties In Strangers Arms depicts the captivating, passionate, compelling world and spirit of tango better than anything else I have read since experiencing Read More

Mary Ann, MSW. Becoming known in strangers’ arms

I LOVE your book, Beatriz!! I get very thirsty in my city for tango. I have traveled to many cities in Europe and North America Read More

Jim. From the personal to the universal connection

The author is a PhD. Psychologist and she writes like one about the Argentine tango as she explores the dance from the inside out. This Read More

Sara Bernhart, Seal Beach, California

A lovely journey I really loved reading your book! You put into words all the feelings that I experienced while photographing Tango Dancers when I Read More

Pablo Sartirana In strangers’ ??? arms

My name is Paul, in reality is Pablo. You might be asking yourself what is the meaning of the question marks after Strangers’ in the Read More

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