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Kitree. The book is as Magical as Tango Itself

Discovering tango has both changed and enriched my life in ways I never would have imagined. At least until I read “In Strange’s Arms.” Then Read More

Juliette St James, Vancouver, WA.

It is difficult sometimes to express what one feels so strongly that words seem inadequate, yet I’ll try. Discovering tango has both changed and enriched Read More

Sue Flanagan, Tango Fantástico, San José, CA

“The challenge of writing a book which describes a cacophony of emotions, nostalgic in nature and developed over generations, is extraordinary. Most would agree that Read More

Juan Jorge Brand

With her book, “In Strangers’ Arms,” Beatriz Dujovne pulls together all the elements of tango’s mystique — as dance, music and lyric poetry, as an Read More

M. Degani. “The Skeptic”. Fascinating book about falling in love with tango

I purchased the book directly from the author—including her signed, warm personal note addressed to me. Since I am a serious Tango aficionado, I read Read More

Gregory Joseph Lordi, Fla, USA. The magic of “In Strangers’ Arms”

In Strangers Arms is a wonderful book that looks at this amazing universal language of Tango in a different perspective. Beatriz incorporates her love of Read More

Donna Shea, San José, CA

I wanted to send you a bit of feedback before too long … to wit, I LOVE your book!  I purchased it last week at Read More

Brian Dunn, Tango of the Heart, Boulder, CO

Comprehensive, adventurous, and deeply satisfying. The tango’s global reach can be difficult to appreciate from one’s own familiar perspective, encompassing as it does not only Read More

Laura Connealy. Insight and helpful for how to dance in BA

I am so happy I did not wait to buy this book later. I really appreciate the descriptions of the milongas in BA in particular Read More

Rosen. Surprises and satisfactions for a wide array of readers

A remarkable rich work with surprises and satisfactions for a wide array of readers, whether tango enthusiasts or not. A thumbnail history of Argentina enriched Read More

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